At Brothers Saigon, we offer a wide variety of haircuts for men. We believe every man deserves a personalized haircut. We know that everyone has his own perception about his hair. Your hair is a part of your personality, it describes how you are and it differentiates you from the rest. Therefore our barbers are trained in giving you the best personal advice. With their experience, they exactly what to do to find the perfect haircut for you. Feel free to book a session : we guarantee people with notice your new expert haircut.

Shave and cut

Besides a good haircut, we offer a lot of different shaving treatments. For the full experience, combine them with a clean haircut or, for example, a Shiatsu massage. Our professional shaving treatments are;

-The hot towel wet shave
-Shave and shape
-Head shave
-The ultimate shave experience.

Our barbers are highly skilled in giving you all the best because you deserve it.

Haircuts & style

 To give you a quick preview of the knowledge from our barbers, we have prepared a few tips for you. We have selected the most popular ones, feel free to take a look and see if you are interested in getting one.

  1.   Side part hairstyle: One of the most popular haircuts at this moment. Trimmed on the side and high volume on the top. Most worn backward.
  2.  Mid fade haircut: Also very popular right now. This haircut is a mid-fade rocked with high length on top.
  3.  Slick back wavy hair: A haircut with short hair on the sides and medium length on top finished with a messy texture.
  4.  Man-bun: A classic haircut for men with long hair. It is also possible to shave the sides of the head for less volume.

 There are a lot more different haircuts about which our barbers would be more than happy to consult you.

Our concept

At Brothers, we want to offer more than a good quality haircut. We want to create a place where men can go to and feel liberated of their daily tasks. A place where men can enjoy the finest coffee, liquors, and beer. A comfortable place for good haircuts, a good shave, massages and other spa services.


With that in mind, we can offer a valuable place for me to enjoy their common passion. And with our skilled team, we can offer you the best service. With our team, we aim to make a difference.

We understand the importance of quality time, perfect haircuts, and other treatments. By combining this, we can offer you the best.

  Languages spoken
 English & Vietnamese

  Opening hours:
 10:00 am – 08:00 pm (Monday to Sunday)

 By telephone: +84 (0) 90 313 61 17
 By e-mail:


 157 Dong Khoi,
 Ben Nghe, 1st Floor
 Ho Chi Minh City