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Brothers hair salon

At Brothers hair salon, we believe that every man deserves a good look and an relaxing time. Therefore, we created Brothers, a valuable place where you are taken care of. You can get a haircut, a clean shave, a relax massage or a Japanese manicure/pedicure, so you look your absolute best. Additionaly, it is our priority to let our customers relax and unwind. That is why we offer personal service, a bar and a relaxing environment. At our hair salon, men are relieved from all their daily stress. It is a place to recharge your battery.

Haircuts and more

In our hair salon you can choose from a variety of treatments. You can get the full package which include a cut, shave, massage and a drink, or you can choose one of the individual hair salon treatments. You decide what you need.

A grasp from our collection of hair salon treatments:

  •          Express cut
  •          Our signature cut
  •          Shampoo head massage and finish
  •          Facial hair grooming
  •          Traditional hot towel shave
  •          The ultimate shaving experience
  •          Shave and shape
  •          Head shave


Beside a clean cut and shave, our hair salon also offers a lot of different spa treatments. We believe that these treatments help you relax and offer you the me-time you need. In our hair salon we offer a lot of different massages, skin care treatments, manicure and pedicure. Our massages are given in comfortable Japanese massage chairs. This ensures the ultimate stress-relieving experience. 

Our bar

During your treatment in our hair salon, you can enjoy the finest liquors from our bar. We serve the finest Whisky, bourbon, rum, vodka, gin and beer. However, if you prefer coffee, our hair salon also serves 100% authentic Arabica coffee. You can even combine your drink with one of our top-quality Cuban cigars on our balcony!

Membership and privileges

At Brothers hair salon we offer different types of memberships. All memberships include 10% off all other treatments or products. It is not necessary to make an appointment, that gives you the opportunity and freedom of stopping by at our hair salon to enjoy a haircut or clean whenever the mood strikes you.

Brothers hair salon offers three different types of memberships.

  1. Initiator: Unlimited number of Express haircuts.
  2. Adventure: Unlimited number of our signature haircuts
  3. Explorer: Unlimited number of our signature haircut, 12 manicure and 12 facial treatments, private shaving box and one bottle of spirit of your choice.

All our memberships are priced on request. That means we can offer you the perfect membership that completely fits your needs.


Our hair salon is located in the beautiful centre of Ho Chi Minh city, next to the iconic Opera house. Hidden on the first floor in the amazingDong Khoi building we have the perfect place for you to retreat and relax.

Languages spoken
English & Vietnamese

Opening hours:
10:00am – 08:00 pm (Monday to Sunday)

By telephone: +84 (0) 90 313 61 17
By e-mail:

157 Dong Khoi,
Ben Nghe, 1st Floor
Ho Chi Minh City